As you all know, I’ve been quite busy launching the book so readers can enjoy these stories before the December holidays and so readers could purchase the books as gifts for their friends and family. What better gift than one of experience and multicultural perspectives without the cost of a plane ticket or updating your passport (although, I highly recommend doing both of those things)? Share the love!

Both books in the Knocked Up Abroad series are available on Amazon which is running a killer book deal—$10 off all book purchases over $25. Use the promo code HOLIDAYBOOK and see their website for details.

Click on the book icons to head over to Amazon.

Note: Purchasing the books using these links results in a small commission which enables me to continue to publish these stories.

Knocked Up AbroadKnocked Up Abroad Again

“But Lisa, books are great and all but what if I want to display how awesome I am out in the real world? I can’t carry your books with me everywhere I go and holding the Kindle next to my face is ridiculous.”

I hear you on that one and I’ve got ya covered!

I have been tinkering with a little shop for Knocked Up Abroad that features cozy hooded sweatshirts, coffee mugs, T-shirts, and other things that I myself would want to wear or use to drink my coffee (sorry, coffee is not included). Like any online shop, you can change the colors of any of the shirts, mugs, etc using their drop-down arrow. The shop is ALSO having a Black Friday sale (of course we are), and you’ll receive 15% off everything AND free delivery with the coupon code 2016OMG

Knocked Up Abroad Shop

Basically, if you were planning on buying anything, now is a good time because these deals disappear over the weekend. If you do end up purchasing some Knocked Up Abroad gear, send me a picture and I’ll feature if on our Facebook page.

Happy Friday!!


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