What is it like to self-publish a book? How much does it cost? What types of things should I know before I get started?

Self-Publish Like A Pro Services

Pick My Brain

If you want to Pick My Brain on the self-publishing process and what to expect, you are welcome to ask me any questions you want.

I can save you a lot of wasted time and effort by steering you in the right direction before you set off on your self-publishing project.

What’s included in a Pick My Brain session?

  • Before our call, you will need to complete a questionnaire so that I can provide you the best information possible
  • A 45-minute information and value-packed discussion
  • An email summary of our discussion
  • A detailed action plan so that you can take the next steps on your self-publishing journey
  • Total cost: $138

Extra time can be added if you want to continue to pick my brain

  • Two 45-min sessions (90 minutes) for $248 (10% savings)
  • Three 45-min sessions (2 hr 25-minutes) for $354 (15% savings)

 Ready to Pick My Brain? Email me and let’s get started!


Technical Assistance

How wide should I make my margins? What’s a gutter, anyway? What is kerning and line spacing? Do I really need an editor/proofreader?

Every book should look and feel professionally published. 

I’ve seen traditionally published books with tiny margins and invisible gutters. I’ve seen self-published books that look beautiful and can stand on the bookshelf next to any traditionally published book and the reader would never know the difference.

People judge books by their covers…and their interiors whether they realize it or not.

If you’ve already started your self-publishing journey and have more advanced technical questions, I’m happy to provide interior formatting assistance, Createspace settings advice, and other issues that only seem to surface when you start loading your files into Createspace.

I want to help you make your self-published book look like it had a team of professionals working on it for months.

What’s included in Technical Assistance?

  • Interior formatting assistance
  • Createspace settings advice
  • What changes to make if the printed proof is a mess
  • Any technical question you can imagine
  • Online/Skype support and quick email responses
  • Feedback on cover design
  • Feedback on interior formatting
  • Access to my interior formatting templates
  • One-on-one Technical Assistance for 30-days for $269
  • One-on-one Technical Assistance for 60-days for $369
  • One-on-one Technical Assistance for 90-days for $469

Do you need Technical Assistance? Email me and let’s get started!

If you want me to take over any aspect of your book or project, we can discuss that on a case-by-case basis.


Don’t take my word for it…testimonials

“Lisa Ferland’s help was invaluable for self-publishing my book. Lisa not only shared her experience of self-publishing two anthologies, she also helped me with the book’s interior design.
She taught me some functions I never knew Microsoft had (kerning, anyone?), and her advice made me aware of what to look out for when formatting a book. Moreover, she pays a great attention to detail and to the book’s aesthetic look and feel.
In other words, Lisa will not just make a book for you. She will make you a beautiful-looking book that you (and your readers!) will be happy to read, look at and enjoy.”
~Olga Mecking, writer, publisher of One Chance in a Thousand. A Holocaust Memoir
“It’s so challenging when you have a book that you know will serve the needs of others, fill a pain-point in the marketplace, and provide value but you don’t how to get it out to others. I know that it takes financial resources that us boot-strapped folk don’t often have.
Learning from Lisa about how she turned her idea into a best-selling book, held in the hands of her tribe and not just collecting proverbial dust in her computer, is incredibly valuable information!”
~Ambra Jo Junquiero, Ambra Jo Design Co
“Lisa was amazing to work with.  I was privileged to be one of the authors on her Knocked Up Abroad series of books and was astounded by the amount of time and effort she put into it.

Getting the manuscript into shape, organizing the design, colour, print, layout of the book cover, getting reviews for the back cover, finding the appropriate distribution channel (CreateSpace/Amazon of course!) proofreading, and of course editing, editing, editing.

She devoted so much personal attention not only to the product but also to encourage and build up her team of authors so we all took ownership of the finished product. Lisa created an amazing amount of interest in the book, engaging all to create momentum, roping us in with her enthusiasm and non-stop energy. Her input was amazing, a truly extraordinary person who delivers what she promises.”

~Rosemary GillanKnocked Up Abroad Again and Once Upon an Expat


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